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Sirocco mini clip-on
Sirocco mini clip-on
Sirocco mini clip-on
Sirocco mini clip-on

Sirocco mini clip-on

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Are you lookignf ro mini clip on aero bars to
  • Aerodynamic road bikes with Integration are prevalent out there in which the integrated handlebar has no cylindrical bar bore for Clip-On Aero Bars.
  • Controltech is the believer of ITU regulation in which road bike should always use mini Aerobar instead of long extension bar.
  • With our Sirocco Clip-On Aero Bars, you’ll be able to dial-in your TT position on most of the handlebar by Stem-Mounted Position or Handlebar-Mounted Position.
  • Stem-Mounted: 2 types of clamp. 1 for round stem body and another clamp square stem body,
    • Only compatible to Controltech stem
  • Handlebar-Mounted.
  • Reversible Elbow pad allows 4 different pad positions for the rider to have the most comfortable setup
  • Material:UD Carbon fiber
  • Length Max:213mm
  • Armrest's Angle:45°
  • Pad F/B Adjustable:46mm
  • Weight:382.5g(With C Clamp), 376g(With Round clamp), 388g(With Square clamp)


Choice our mount options

Stem mount designed to mount to the stem ( compatible with Control tec stems

Bar mount- mount to round handle bar