Carrmato sprint bars back in stock plus new widths 290 and 310mm also back in 330, 350 and 370mm

Chainring bolts-Tc4 titanium
Chainring bolts-Tc4 titanium

Chainring bolts-Tc4 titanium

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Who doesn’t like titanium!, grab some of these cnc machined Tc4 titanium chainring bolts,

what is Tc4?

TC4 (Ti-6Al-4 V modified) alloy is a typical representative of medium strength α + β titanium alloys. It is the most widely used alloy and the first titanium alloy material to be used in the aerospace industry, with the best overall performance and processing properties.

Material: Titanium TC4,
M8*6mm, 10g/set, 5pcs per set,
Designed for single speed cranks.