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Chainring bolts- oilslick

Chainring bolts- oilslick

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Looking to bling up your cranks and chainring combo?,


check out our oilslick effect chainring bolts, designed for a single chainring with a torque type all key, splined on the contact area on the back to assist with better traction to get the tension ring.


1. The surface of the product is colored by PVC color electroplating process to form a plating layer on the surface to make the color more vivid

2. The product is made of steel, and the hardness can reach 10.9 level

3. The screw is processed by an automatic thread rolling machine, the thread is dense and strong, and the knob force is even

Product information:

Material: Steel Color: Electroplating Color

Size: Step 2.4mm

Thread M8

Net Weight:4 Grams

sold in sets of 5 of course