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Raketa track cranksets
Raketa track cranksets
Raketa track cranksets
Raketa track cranksets

Raketa track cranksets

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Latest additional to the RAKETA range 144bcd track cranks.

Weight 629 g, including axle
Chainline 42.5 mm
Axle diameter 30 mm
Q-Factor 136 mm
Arm material Aerospace-grade 7xxx-T Aluminum alloy
Axle material Aerospace-grade 7075-T651 Aluminum alloy
BCD 144 mm
Certification ISO 4210-8, Rated for Racing bicycles

Solid drive-side crankarm features a one-piece design with an integrated spider, ensuring reliability and providing lossless power transfer. Our track crankset is known for having the highest stiffness in comparison to other cranksets available in the market.

The surfaces of our crankset are precisely machined to prevent any chainring runouts, which are critical for the optimal performance of a track bike drivetrain.

CNC-machining is utilized to maintain precise control over the dimensions of each structural element of the crankset, resulting in enhanced stiffness at a lower weight in comparison to forged crankarms.

Thanks to CNC-machining, our crankset design is tailored to the exact crank length required for optimal strength and stiffness.

Our triangular chainring bolts are designed to remain secure without spinning, allowing for effortless chainring replacement without the need for extra tools.

We offer a wide range of crank lengths and colors to ensure compatibility with any rider and bike.

Raketa Track Crankset requires specific narrow BB cups to run on BSA/ITA threaded frames. Right now we cannot confirm compatibility with third party BB cups, and highly recommend getting our Raketa BB with the cranks.


At Raketa Components, we dedicated our efforts during the development of our crank arms to three main objectives:

Stiffness - because we know that optimal power transfer is what truly saves those precious watts out on the road.
Reliability - after witnessing a remarkable failure of Shimano cranks, we made it a priority to ensure our crank arms would be absolutely dependable.
Compatibility - we wanted our crank arms to be compatible with all types of bikes and riders, providing a seamless integration.

So, how did we achieve these goals?


To start, we meticulously examined the three main technologies used in the production of racing bicycle crank arms, carefully considering their advantages and disadvantages. We noticed a glaring potential for failure with both carbon and bonded alloy cranks, leading us to choose the route of solid CNC machined arms.

During the development process, we utilized FEM analysis and discovered a structure that not only offered high stiffness but also maintained a competitive weight. For our crank arms, we chose the finest 7000-series aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, due to its exceptional stiffness to weight ratio.

Going beyond the regular 7075-T6, we opted for a truly aerospace-grade alloy, one commonly used in the production of aircraft wings. At this moment, we are unable to disclose the exact name of this alloy.

Reliability tests

In order to ensure the utmost reliability, we rigorously tested our crank arms to meet the stringent ISO 4210-8 standard for racing bike cranksets. This proved to be a challenging task that required six months of development and the testing of 27 prototypes. The ISO test applies a repetitive load of 1800 Newtons to the crank arm over a period of 100,000 cycles, simulating the pedalling of the most powerful sprinters. This test checks for any failure resulting from fatigue, which is a common issue with bicycle crank arms.

Given that our crank arms are manufactured from a solid block of aluminum, they are not susceptible to bond failure like hollow aluminum and carbon cranks. They are also resistant to abrasive wear and sharp objects. As a testament to their durability, our crank arms come with a 5-year limited warranty against manufacturing or material defects.


The results of our efforts speak for themselves. Our crank arms are 100% reliable and serve as a perfect fit for Road, Gravel, and Time-trial bikes. In fact, our cranks are, on average, 20% stiffer than the latest generation SRAM Red or Shimano Dura-Ace cranks. This improved stiffness translates into enhanced power transfer and a reduction in energy loss during all-out efforts.

Crank lengths

Recognizing the wide range of modern road bikes, we aimed to provide compatibility that not only covers the basics but also ensures the best fit.

For crank lengths, we wanted to offer as many options as possible to accommodate all types of riders. Thanks to the flexibility of CNC machining technology, we will be offering our crank arms in various lengths ranging from 145 to 175 mm. Additionally, we offer the possibility of custom lengths and even mismatched pairs.