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X-17 T A1 series 144bcd

X-17 T A1 series 144bcd

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X-17 T A1 series (Track Bike)

Looking for some variation In  Crank length, the design team at AEROZINE have devised this unique system (ALS) of a slotted tapered pedal insert so you can choose crank length.
On the one crank arm you can choose from 160-165mm, or 170-175mm by flipping the insert. Or change the insert to any of the included sizes.

Spindle: 7075 Aluminum CNC 30mm B.B. axle

Available Arm Lengths 160-165mm | 170-175mm. 

Adjustable Length System (ALS reversible insert) = 5mm/ 3mm/ 1mm / 2.5mm


30mm spindle so you will require 30mm BB