Looking for that extra few watts? Maybe the FMB handmade tubulars will get you over the line faster!

Tufo S3 lite tubular 21mm
Tufo S3 lite tubular 21mm

Tufo S3 lite tubular 21mm

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Tufo tubular handmade in TUFO plant in the Czech republic.

The S3 Lite < 215g is Tufo's best selling road racing tubular tire. Very light, with high inflation pressure that decreases the rolling resistance significantly! The combination of composite puncture proof ply and high composite carbon tread compound with Silica made it possible to use thinner tread and still maintain high mileage. Thinner tread also lowers rolling resistance while the tire is maintaining ideal shock absorption properties and high puncture resistance. A narrow tire profile minimizes head on aerodynamic resistance. 120 TPI on the sidewall area and 240 TPI casing under the tread.