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AeroCoach Phaser aero base bar
AeroCoach Phaser aero base bar
AeroCoach Phaser aero base bar
AeroCoach Phaser aero base bar

AeroCoach Phaser aero base bar

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The AeroCoach Phaser aero base bar provides you with more options than ever. The reversible design enables you to increase or decrease your base bar hand grip stack by 60mm. The hand grip area also allows for an extra rearwards hand position when climbing, to give you a more open hip angle for improved biomechanics.

Phaser aero base bars are fully UCI compliant, and have internal cable routing for both mechanical and electronic setups. A stem cutout allows you to route your cables through the centre of the stem if necessary, to completely hide all cables.

Phaser aero base bars are compatible with our integrated Ascalon extensions as well as Angles extensions or similar 22.2mm industry standard round pole extensions.

AeroCoach components such as Align Wing arm rests, tilt block adapters and round pole extension clamps are all compatible with the Phaser aero base bar.


Phaser aero base bars allow for changes in stack height in 10mm increments, and the standard round pole clamp can be set at 15deg, 20deg or 25deg with the use of the AeroCoach tilt block adapter.

An Ascalon adapter is also available to mount Ascalon extensions, at 15deg, 20deg or 25deg.

A 10mm bridge stacker is available for total stacker height of 50mm (including bridge).

Please see the diagrams below for all dimensions.

Phaser base bar only, red images depict set up with aschelon extensions that can be purchased seperatly