Looking for that extra few watts? Maybe the FMB handmade tubulars will get you over the line faster!

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Argon18 alloy track frame L.
Argon18 alloy track frame L.

Argon18 alloy track frame L.

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Twenty-five years of expertise distilled into one powerful bike capable of hurtling you to the next turn in record time.
With an aluminum frame and an aerodynamic carbon fork, the Electron is your ticket to freedom and victory. Unique, sleek and aerodynamic, the Electron packages velodrome performance and street credibility into one lean and mean machine.
Argon fit system (AFS) track - A shorter wheel base, increased bottom bracket clearance and more aggressive seat and head tube angles for superior handling and incredible agility
Size-Specific Geometry - Well balanced ergonomic fit for every frame in every size
Triple-butted aluminum frame - Significantly lighter, but just as rigid
Aero Tubes and Seat Post More aerodynamic than ever
Carbon fork - Maximum comfort and amazing agility
Alloy rear dropouts - Provide increased wear resistance against the back-wheel’s fitting surface
Optimal balance - The perfect blend of aerodynamics and rigidity
Frame material: Thermotech 3005 Aluminium
ASP-4500 Aero Carbon Seatpost
E-99 carbon aero fork
FSA Orbit is-2 (w/6.5mm top cover, bearing 1" 1/8) + fsa th-875-1 compressor included
Seat post: Argon 18 aero post
Seat post collar: Argon 18 aero
Alloy drop-outs with replaceable steel inserts
Bottom bracket shell with English thread