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Chain- Izumi 1/8 chains V

Chain- Izumi 1/8 chains V

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Based in Osaka, Japan, IZUMI are long established as one of the most successful Japanese bicycle component manufacturers.

IZUMI have been making bicycle chains for discerning trackies, fixies and fashionistas since 1916. Their uncompromising attention to detail ensures quality, strength and flawless performance.

Izumi V has been loved by the world and delivered many medalists.
In addition, it is used for not only competitions but also track bikes and Urban motorcycle.

1. Authorized NJS
2. Durability:In comparison with a standard chain more than 3 times
3. A drive response is early
4. The run that becomes stable for a long time
5. Connecting link:Bolt nuts type
  (Standard chain:Spring clip type)