Looking for that extra few watts? Maybe the FMB handmade tubulars will get you over the line faster!

Challenge PISTA  SC tubs
Challenge PISTA  SC tubs

Challenge PISTA SC tubs

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The Pista SC is a world-class, sticky, light, low rolling, handmade tubular intended for smooth wooden indoor tracks.

Superb construction and quality components characterise the Challenge Criterium Tubular Tyre.

Fast, fast, fast! The Challenge Pista Tubular Tyre is everything you want in a high-pressure, tubular tyre made for the track.
Featuring a Corespun Cotton casing and latex inner tube for unmatched ride quality, the Challenge Pista has a maximum pressure of 220 psi, so you can float around the track. The rest is up to you.
Smooth surface for low rolling resistance
The ultimate tubular for track racing - 22mm width
Latex inner tube and Corespun Cotton casing, making it unbeatably supple.