Looking for that extra few watts? Maybe the FMB handmade tubulars will get you over the line faster!

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Dolan DF5

Dolan DF5

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The future of track cycling

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The Dolan DF5 is the most eagerly anticipated Track Bike in the industry. The unique aerodynamic design puts the DF5 leaps ahead of its predecessor. The success of the DF4 in British Track racing has helped to forge the Dolan brand as synonymous with success on the boards; the DF5, crafted from the same philosophy that has helped win European and World Championships, has been tested as the fastest bike we have ever designed.
The unique design of the DF5 takes much of the same ingredients of the DF4 but with unique adaptations in critical design areas, most notably the seat and chain stays. A two year design process has been carefully guided by industry leading experts to produce a bike which will facilitate a smoother passage through the air for bike and rider to reduce drag, and give the fastest possible ride.



Designed to cut through the air with an aero design that gives you an edge on the competition

UCI Approved Frame & Fork

Take your track game to the next level. The aero design of the DF5 is compatible with current UCI regulations, ensuring you maximise the potential of every watt you produce
The DF5 was designed for riders with an ‘every second’ counts mentality. The aggressive geometry and aerodynamically guided design were crafted with racing and speed in mind.
The remit was simple, take everything we have accomplished on the track and make it faster; we are proud to say we have achieved our goal.
The speed from watts generated by the rider offers a better return and a vastly superior performance than anything we have made before.
The DF5 sits in the Dolan offering as our proudest achievement to date. With the DF5 we have been able to achieve more and go faster.
dolan df5