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Dolan DF4
Dolan DF4
Dolan DF4
Dolan DF4
Dolan DF4
Dolan DF4
Dolan DF4
Dolan DF4

Dolan DF4

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The Dolan DF4 builds upon the success of its predecessor, the game-changer that was the DF3. Having shattered world records and been the winner of over 80 World and European Championship races we’ve returned to the drawing board to dream it all up again.The DF4 has the same geometry as the DF3 but has been engineered for improved performance and handling. 115g lighter and 18% stiffer, we targetted those all-important areas in track cycling where the differences are really made. In a bike design streamlined for performance, in an aero design that’s UCI approved, the DF4 cuts through the air in the heat of competition.Trialled at the European Winter Six Day circuit, the DF4 has already won 3 European and 2 World Championships. And we at Dolan are proud to play a part in the track cycling revolution.


Those competing at the highest levels are often separated by the finest of margins. When it comes to performing at an elite level in track cycling, it often comes down to the equipment used. The DF4 was developed for those track cyclists who demand the very best in terms of performance and stiffness. 

The DF4 targets specific areas to eke out yet more performance over its predecessor. The stiff design ensures maximum power transfer through the pedals with negligible losses. While the lighter design ensures that every watt generated propels you forward ever-more efficiently as you reach the limits of what’s possible.

The DF4 frame and fork weighs approximately 2.10kg for a 55cm size frame
The frame carries a 2 year warranty. All other parts have the standard manufacturer's warranty.
The DF4 has clearance for 23mm tyres Max.
We recommend a maximum rider weight of 120kgs
The BB shell is a traditional threaded 68mm British type

Dolan DF4 Carbon Track Frameset Frame Size:
DF4 Carbon Track Frame - (57cm)
DF4 Custom Colour: DF4 Custom Colour
(Standard Colour) Matt Black/White
Alpina Wing Pista Carbon Track Fork: Alpina Wing
Pista Carbon Track Fork
Seatpost Size: DF4 Carbon Aero Seatpost -
Alpina 1-1/8th-45x45 Headset (Suitable For Dual-
DF4-Seta-Scala): Alpina 1-1/8th-45x45 Headset
(Suitable For Dual-DF4-Seta-Scala)
DF4 Seat Clamp Expander-2019: DF4 Seat Clamp
Adjustable Fork Expander: Adjustable Fork
DF4 Dropout: DF4 Dropout