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Drag2Zero carbon aero extensions.
Drag2Zero carbon aero extensions.

Drag2Zero carbon aero extensions.

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Used in conjunction with a system that tilts the pole clamp (whether with our system or a bike with a tilting mechanism), these ergonomic carbon fibre poles will reduce/remove any space between arm and pole for improved aerodynamics. They also provide support to the forearm while riding which will allow you to be more relaxed and comfortable on the bike. They are supplied untrimmed and with a set of pre cut foam for additional comfort.  You can order more pole foam if you require extra sets.

The ski pole has the industry standard 22mm cylindrical diameter at the clamp end, and our popular elliptical shape at the grip end. This means that they can be fitted to any standard clamp. There are two ski poles available:

    • the longer and higher ‘Hi Rise’ pole, aimed at non-UCI positions, this pole has an angle of 25 degrees meaning that with the use of angled shims of 10-20 degrees, you can achieve an effective angle of 35-45 degrees; and
    • the ‘Low Rise’ for UCI riders who need to limit the bar end height and length (non UCI riders also use the Low Rise if looking for a lower position). This has an angle of 15 degrees and again the angle can be increased with the angled shims – we are finding this pole seems to work best with a clamp/pad angle of 10 degrees.  Please note that whilst UCI legal set ups can be achieved with our components, you as the rider are responsible for ensuring compliance.



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