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Drag2Zero carbonERGO arm rests

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Designed to work with Drag2zero poles but compatible with all 22.20mm extension poles and bars with bcd bolt holes of

Being able to tilt the pole clamp is key to being able to angle the D2Z poles and arm rests.   Used in conjunction with our shims and spacers, this allows your arm rests and poles to be tilted at the same angle to achieve that aerodynamic, ergonomic position. The design of these pole clamps allows you to place your poles closer together than other pole clamps (see below for more information). Our D2Z pole clamps are compatible with the other elements of the D2Z USPS System to create an aligned, streamlined set up for improved aerodynamics and aesthetics. Supplied with a fairing for the back of the pole clamp to hide the cables at the rear of the assembly.