New arrivals of Carrmato bars 330/350 and 370mm one of the nicest track bars on the market!

DSP TK55 Tubular
DSP TK55 Tubular
DSP TK55 Tubular

DSP TK55 Tubular

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Latest track race wheels from DSP.

The DSP TK55

Under new Cycling New Zealand Rule( check you own countries rulings) the allowed rim height has changed to 55mm,, as such we have our TK55.


55x20.5mm 3k Twill finished track specific rims with a tabular rim bed to allow for the use of the ultra fast track tubular( check out our selection) with a  rim thickness of 3.5mm and a 2mm nipple seat these are not only light weight but super stiff to handle the rigors of track training and racing.


Laced to the race proven Ridea high flange sealed bearings for extra smoothness and side alloy cnc machined body for extra strength.


We choose to use the PILLAR wing23 spoke series in our hand build wheels,

Each spoke features aero winged profile for the aero advantage, strength and durability, all hooked in with 16mm long black anodized Brass nipples

latest look all our DSP TK55 feature out new 2023 logos.



tipping the scales just under 1600 grams these are not only super fast but lightweight