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Falcon Saddle Ⅱ
Falcon Saddle Ⅱ
Falcon Saddle Ⅱ

Falcon Saddle Ⅱ

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Lightweight saddle with central recess for added comfort.


  • Road saddle with central channel to relieve soft-tissue pressure, spread rider weight across the saddle surface and greatly increase comfort; increasingly important the longer you ride.
  • Keeping your sit bones stable you can maximize each and every pedal stroke.
  • Thin polycarbonate design reduces weight yet provides a strong enough platform so your muscular energy is efficiently transformed into forward motion.
  • Lightweight, hollow chromoly rails providethe strength of steel with no weight penalty, plus great and durability.
  • Contemporary, understated graphics add a splash of style.
  • Low weight – just 237g.
  • Made For:Road racing, sportive riding and cyclocross
  • Saddle Material:Polycarbonate
  • Saddle Rails:Hollow chromoly
  • Saddle Length:285mm
  • Saddle Width:132mm
  • Weight:237g.