Looking for that extra few watts? Maybe the FMB handmade tubulars will get you over the line faster!

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Izumi ES410 MASH B

Izumi ES410 MASH B

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another one in the line up of track specific fixie chains form IZUMI, and part of the

410 Collaborations

Given the boundless creativity in fixie culture, a chain should never limit your personal expression of style. Izumi is proud to partner on special collaborations in chain design, like our longstanding association with MASH SF. The MASH SF special-edition 410 series features all the same technology that makes these some of our best-selling, most-dependable chains, with special color combinations available only on these limited-edition versions, and a special package designed by MASH SF.

Available in 1/2x1/8 pitch only

411g (116 links)


black links and rollers