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This is the Latest release from LTWOO, THE NEW E-GR(ELECTRIC GRAVEL)


following fro the success of these road groupset and after much testing in rough terrain is the gravel version.

Handlebar grip:

eGR has optimized the material and texture of the hand-to-glove, improving the grip sensation, ensuring it maintains excellent riding comfort throughout the cycling experience.

Brake Levers:

Ergonomically upgraded, the brake levers have seen a significant improvement in grip and feel.

They are made from a new metal material that greatly enhances strength without adding extra weight.


Increasing the contact area of the buttons makes them easier to control while riding. Button feel has been optimized, enhancing button tension and feedback.

Weight: 225g/per.

Rear derailleur:

Compatible with 10-12 speeds

Maximum support for an 46T cassette

Technical Features:

· Anti-impact structure

· New Gear Shifting Mechanism

· Friction Damping System


Anti-Impact Structure:

During the design of the eGR rear derailleur, additional space was created at the inner and outer connection points, along with the use of longer and more powerful reset springs, resulting in a 10% increase in impact cushioning travel. This has given rise to a brand new collision-resistant structure to handle even more challenging environments.

New Gear Shifting Mechanism:

The eGR rear derailleur features a completely new gear shifting mechanism:, optimised pivot arm angle finely-tuned damping strength, resulting in a more compact shifting path and more agile gear shifts.

Brand-New Electronic Control Program:

The eGR rear derailleur incorporates a state-of-the-art electronic control program, which achieves asynchronous multi-speed shifting by controlling pulse currents through a designed logic. This enables rapid responses to the ever-changing road conditions. With the latest precision control algorithm, it maintains gear accuracy within 0.2mm, ensuring precise execution of every shifting task.

Friction Damping System:

The eGR rear derailleur features the L-TWOO friction damping system, which effectively filters out shocks and vibrations from the road surface feedback, fearlessly handling complex environments. It utilizes a brand-new program algorithm logic for precise and rapid responses to every gear shift operation.

Integrated caliper:

The eGR is equipped with L-TWOO's new integrated caliper.The integrated caliper significantly enhances the caliper's strength and rigidity while also improving the transmission of braking forces under extreme pressure.

The eGR groupset includes:

Shift levers (left、right)Electronic rear derailleur, Front/Rear Brake calipers (with hydraulic hoses) Seatpost battery, Magnetic charging cable, Derailleur Connecting cables

 Weight: 110g