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PowerPod Lite V3 power meter
PowerPod Lite V3 power meter
PowerPod Lite V3 power meter
PowerPod Lite V3 power meter

PowerPod Lite V3 power meter

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The PowerPod Lite V3 power meter delivers the critical features cyclists want, 

  • high accuracy, +/- 2%, both leg measurement
  • Works with any road, mountain, time trial, gravel, and cross bike
  • No swapping bike components
  • box to bike setup in 10 minutes
  • ANT+™ compatibility
  • Transmits power data to many popular iOS/Android cycling apps
  • Velocomp iOS/Android app for easy fine tuning
  • New, sleek case  


Unlike other power meters, PowerPod Lite V3 doesn’t achieve its break-through price by using fewer sensors, or by measuring power from one leg only. 

In fact, PowerPod Lite V3 uses the same sensors and circuitry as Velocomp's other products, delivering both-leg, +/- 2% accuracy comparable to gold-standard power meters.   

PowerPod Lite V3 also incorporates new features: simplified and faster setup; an iOS/Android app that fine-tunes setup customization and offers power training plans; no swapping of bike pedals/cranks/hubs; full ANT+ bike computer compatibility; and a ConnectIQ app for Garmin bike computers that displays accurate power, wind speed, and slope data. 

PowerPod Lite V3 includes the simplest setup process we have ever offered:

1) Attach PowerPod Lite V3 to your handlebars (or, with the optional Combo mount, directly beneath your Garmin!)

2) Pair PowerPod Lite V3 to your bike computer's ANT+™ speed or speed/cadence sensor

3) Pair PowerPod V3 to your Garmin or other ANT+™ bike computer 

4) Start riding; for the first 90 seconds of each ride, PowerPod Lite V3 automatically calibrates itself


PowerPod Lite V3 has just one button and one "status light", making day-to-day use super simple.

Your Garmin, Wahoo, or other ANT+™ bike computer displays and records PowerPod Lite V3 power, along with your other cycling measurements, giving you a complete record of your cycling data, including power, for your entire ride.  

And if you have a compatible Garmin bike computer, our ConnectIQ app shows power, wind speed and slope measurements while you ride!

PowerPod Lite V3 also stores the first 10 minutes of ride data in its internal memory; free Isaac software displays this data for diagnostics as needed.  (Full ride file recording is available with the optional PERFECT FOR ONE BIKE

PowerPod Lite V3 is designed for easiest use with one bike, but if you have more than one bike, you can pair PowerPod Lite V3 to your other bike's speed sensor, then start riding again.  NOTE: unlike other PowerPod models, PowerPod Lite V3 stores only one bike profile in its memory.


PowerPod not only measures how much power you produce, but WHY you are producing it.

PowerPod is the only power meter in the world that instantly and accurately measures hill slope, telling you the steepness of the hill you’re climbing.

PowerPod is the only power meter in the world that instantly and accurately measures wind speed.  On windy days you’ll not only know your power, but also the strength of the wind is you’re fighting.

If you are riding with a Garmin bike computer, our free ConnectIQ app lets you view your PowerPod Lite power, wind speed, and hill slope on your Garmin during the ride. 


PowerPod Lite sensor (upgradeable to PowerPod V3)

PowerPod Lite V3 handlebar mount for 31.8 round handlebars, OR optional mount

USB charging cable (attach to computer or USB charger) 


NOTE: A separate ANT+™ speed sensor is required.



PowerPod Lite V3 may be incompatible with these speed sensors, due to sensor's low transmission strength: 

  • Garmin GSC-10
  • Giant Ridesense
  • DuoTrap sensor