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TAKE68 Bamboo 6/8
TAKE68 Bamboo 6/8

TAKE68 Bamboo 6/8

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The third in the TAKE series is a tool equipped with 6mm/8mm  hex bits to turn the two types of bolts that are mainly used in carbon frames. You can check for loose bolts with this single tool before racing or going out, and if there is any looseness, retighten it. It is an inspection item before driving to use it in such a way. The grip is designed to be easy to grip by carving out a wavy shape with an NC lathe with a bamboo motif to give it a Japanese taste. As you get used to it, the best position to grip with the feeling of touching the waves will be established and you will be able to manage your own torque (this varies from person to person). If the bit becomes loose, use a 2.5 mm hex wrench to tighten the set screw that secures the bit.
* If the bit is missing or broken, please contact the manufacturer. If you send the damaged bit by cash on delivery, we will exchange it.
* Please refrain from using excessive torque such as cutting pipes.
* If the set screw loosens frequently, drop a few drops of the screw loosening adhesive, which is also sold at home improvement stores, on the screw part before tightening.


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