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Lazarus LOOP

  • LBPS(LAZARUS Bearing Preload System) gives you opportunity to adjust your hubs directly on the bike with 1.5mm hex key.

last pair I’ve got of the LAZARUS LOOP

32R 28F

Thank goodness you don’t need to take off your wheel and search for cone wrenches.

  • exceptionally rational construction let us achieve amazing 340 GRAM per hubset 
  • increased left flange diameter on rear hub for higher lateral stiffness and equal spoke length
  • bearings guards protect from dust for long life without maintenance
  • inclined flanges to prevent spokes overbending
  • metal shielded bearings for indor or rubber sealed bearings for outdoor races



  • 1.37×24tpi cog  and 1.24×24tpi lockring thread
  • 15mm extra stiff axle
  • M8 hexagon socket head axle bolts
  • 6902 NTN bearings
  • 2.5mm spoke hole diameter
  • rear hub O.L.D.-120mm, front hub O.L.D.-100mm