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TRACK HUBS-Raketa Pista
TRACK HUBS-Raketa Pista
TRACK HUBS-Raketa Pista
TRACK HUBS-Raketa Pista
TRACK HUBS-Raketa Pista

TRACK HUBS-Raketa Pista

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Track hubs

Setting a standard for track hubs

Since track racing is not the most popular branch of cycling, most of the manufacturers don't really pay attention to it. And, unfortunately, as a result, most of the products on the market are outdated. The design of these products goes back to the 80s. We have to admit that these technologies have proved themselves to be very reliable, but as time goes by, new requirements for modern bikes are born. That's why modern track hubs have to utilize all the progress that technologies have achieved to become lighter, more durable, have easier maintenance, and their appearance must be a good match to the modern carbon and aluminum racing machines.

We have taken into account all these aspects while we were designing these hubs. So, we present to you:

The second generation of Raketa Track Hubs

But what have we really changed?

The weight of the hub set went down by 35 grams or almost 10%.

For the rear hub, we haven't simply increased the flange diameter, but we have also made the central section beefier. But with the clever internal machining of the body, we've been able to keep the weight low.Since the front hub doesn't transfer any torque, we've decreased the flange diameter to lower the weight.

Preload adjustment is now simpler. All manufacturers offer their own preload adjustment systems (some don't however), but we think, our solution is the handiest. To adjust the preload you only need to unscrew the small bolt, tighten the adjustment nut with your fingers and clamp it with the bolt. No special tools needed and you don't even need to take the wheel off your bike!

To protect the bearings we've added labyrinth seals. Together with the full contact seals of the bearings, it provides superior protection of the bearings from any kind of contamination. The right side of the rear hub, which is most often the drive side, features a double labyrinth seal for even better protection.

Color options have been extended. In addition to multiple high gloss colors, we've added lots of matte color choices. There is also a custom option of black colored hardware.



loads of colour options and spoke option available on request, hit us up for more info

Hook them up to our carbon rims