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TriMax Carbon Si013 Handlebar.
TriMax Carbon Si013 Handlebar.
TriMax Carbon Si013 Handlebar.
TriMax Carbon Si013 Handlebar.

TriMax Carbon Si013 Handlebar.

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The Vision TriMax Carbon SI 013 JS-Bend aerobar is equipped with a flip-flop carbon base bar and ergonomic extensions. The ability to extensively adjust reach, stack, extension angle and arm rest positions are the foundation of the TriMax Carbon SI 013 JS-Bend design, and are easily adjustable without the use of bolts. With the rider in their optimum position, the new handlebar also allows them to mount an internal Di2 junction box for internal routing of cables, preserving maximum aerodynamic efficiency.

The same bar as the top-end Metron TFA Snakebite, but without the integrated stem.

  • Stack: 70mm to 145mm (Bottom of stem at center to top of uncompressed pad - 5mm Increments)
  • Reach: 9mm to 99mm (Center of Basebar to rear edge of armrest - 7.5mm Increments)
  • Armrest Width: 210mm to 360mm (outside-to-outside – 15mm Increments)
  • Extension Length Adjustment: 245mm to 385mm (center of basebar to tip)
  • Extension Length: 412mm
  • Extension Height: 60mm
  • Extension Angle: 35° (12° at extension tip)
  • Extension Width: 80mm (C-C)
  • Armrest Rotation: 0-13°
  • Basebar Width: 40cm (C-C)
  • Basebar Drop/Rise: +/-25mm
  • Bracket Tilt Adjustment: 0-16°
  • Weight: 780g
  • FSA AERO bars from Dontstoppedalling.co.nz

what’s in the box

carbon base bars, carbon extension poles, arm cups and pads, alloy riser blocks 2x5mm, 2x 10mm, 6x 20mm, rise anchor bolts, adjusting tilter block riser, anchor bolts and caps alloy bridge extension Pole mounting plate

Installation instructions