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VATTO 15 wheel nut spanner
VATTO 15 wheel nut spanner

VATTO 15 wheel nut spanner

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With a total length of 250 mm, the VATTO 15 makes it easy to apply torque when tightening nuts or loosening tightly tightened nuts, enabling reliable work and reducing the burden on mechanics. This is recommended for mechanics who can control high torque with the feeling of their arms.

The grip has a runwell classic forged handle shape that is easy to grip. The upper part of the wrench and the base of the grip is shaped with an edge, and the lower part is rounded so that the fingertips can slide in.

Considering the workability and ease of grip of a long-sized wrench whose center of gravity is difficult to obtain, the area around the wrench has a thicker shape design than other hub nut wrenches. VATTO15 is the culmination of 10 years of making hub nut wrenches for the truck bike industry. The origin of the product name is "pulling sword". Battoujutsu is said to have a mystery in how to remove the blade from the scabbard. In other words, the basic idea is that there is almost no match when the blade is pulled out.

Similarly for VATTO, the quality of work of a mechanic is determined the moment you grasp it. It is a wrench with such a feeling. * When using, be careful not to apply too much torque, and apply appropriate torque. Excessive torque can lead to damage to nuts and shaft screws